Agricultural Engineering Books

Reference Books

Here Only List of The Books

Principles Of Agricultural Engineering Vol.-1, by A.M. Michael, T.P. Ojha

Principles Of Agricultural Engineering Vol.-2, by A.M. Michael, T.P. Ojha

Soil And Water Conservation Engineering, By R. Suresh

Irrigation: Theory and Practice By A. M. Michael

Engineering Hydrology by K. Subramanya

Land and Water Management Engineering By V.V.N. Murty and Madan K. Jha

Unit Operations of Agricultural Processing By K. K. Singh and K. M. Sahay

Post Harvest Technology of Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds By A. Chakraverty

Principles of Farm Machinery By R. A. Kepner, Roy Bainer, F. L. Barger

Elements of Agricultural Engineering By Jagdishwar Sahay


Farm Tractor Maintenance and Repair By C. R. Rai and S. C. Jain

Theory Of Machines By J.K. Gupta And R.S. Khurmi

Theory Of Machines By J.K. Gupta And R.S. Khurmi

Theory Of Machines By J.K. Gupta And R.S. Khurmi

Theory Of Machines By J.K. Gupta And R.S. Khurmi

Fundamentals of Tractor Design By Karl Th. Renius

Farm Power and Machinery Agricultural Engineering By M. Muzamil, Asima Jillani

Principles of Drip Irrigation System By M. S. Mane, B. L. Ayare and S. S. Magar

Principles of Sprinkler Irrigation By M. S. Mane and B. L. Ayare

Objective Books

Objective in Soil & Water Conservation Engineering By Pawan Jeet and Prem

An Objective Review un Soil and Water Engineering By R Suresh and A P Mishra

Question Bank on Agricultural Engineering, By S N Rawat and J S Nikhade

Question Bank on Agricultural and Food Engineering, By Garg and Pitam Chandra

Agricultural Engineering through Objectives, By P H Pandey

Agricultural Engineering Question Bank, By Dr. BSKKV, Dapoli

Objectives & Solved Problems in Farm Power and Machinery Engineering By R. Suresh and Sanjay Kumar

A Numerical Approach in Agricultural Engineering with Objective, By Sanjay Kumar

Objective Agricultural Engineering, By M U Kale and M.S. Supe

Objective Questions and Solved Papers for Agricultural Engineering Examination, By Rawat and Goyal

Question bank Agricultural Engineering By Er. Amandeep Godara

Objective Type Question Bank in Agricultural Engineering By Er. Sunil, Er. V Chaudhary, N Chauhan

Agricultural Tractor and Machinery, By D N Sharma, S Mukesh, V Halyan

Agricultural Processing and Food Technology, By S Chandra, S K Goyal, D Kumaar

A Competitive Approach in Agricultural Engineering, By M. Muzamil. Asima Jillani, Jagvir Dixit and Junaid N. Khan

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